Apologies for not updating last week. Life happens, and then you have to stop doing things for a while because life happened the crap out of you.

What have I read recently? I read two essays, one by Paul Ricoeur and the other by Jacques Derrida, the “Father of Deconstruction.” How post-structuralist! Aside from all this, I haven’t done much but feel quite deconstructed myself.

For Easter Break, I’ll stay on campus and actually do some of the work I meant to hash out over Spring Break but never did. But I need to mean it this time. More than half the semester has passed by, and I feel like I’ve slacked off to a considerable degree in the writing workshop. I need to make a heroic effort and finish strong.

At least I wrote a review for Peter Rollins’ Insurrection and posted it on Amazon. But I still need to read Uncle Karl’s The Wonder of the Universe, write more reviews, complete the Gospel for Academia piece for the Tartan newsletter, a campus publication.

Yeah. I hope life happens less next week.


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